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  Tuesday, July 29, 2014  

Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club

Provincial Team Selections

Congratulations to all our players who have been selected to play on the 2014 Alberta Provincial Teams.  The club administration, coaches and your fellow clubmates are all very proud of your accomplishment.  Wishing you all a great provinicial team experience, representing your province and club.  Forza Juve !!

U13 Boys North - Aly Kassam, Jacob Sisson (alumni)

U13 Girls North - Chloe Tarr

U14 Boys North - Nick Amico, Jake Bosch, Antony Carecas, Nathan Caroca,

Austin Couture, Jose Hernadez, Will Libbey, Zach MaCrae, Sangaham Sandhu,

Joshua Schirmaier, Marcus Simmons, Brendan Thai

U15 Boys - Scott Hornbeck    


Such great news on the day of our 30th Anniversary of Incorporation, June 6th, 1984.  Thanks to all the Players, Coaches, Parents and Administrators that have made Edmonton Juventus such a successful club over all these years!   

Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club
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Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club

Summer Soccer Opportunity

As the community soccer season draws to a close, we are inviting U6, U8 and U10 players, whose season has ended but are interested in continuing to train through the months of July and August, to contact us.  As we are trying to build our girls program, we are especially encouraging the parents and coaches of female players to contact us.  Please email rmosele@telus.net for further information. 


Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club

 Our National Champions

Juve 1995 Boys National Champions

Juve 1989 Boys National Champions

 Juve 1969 Boys National Champions

Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club

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