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Club's Director: Robert Mosele

Technical Director: Mattia Tagliarini

Youth Development Phase Director: Bruno Zebie


Fundation Development Phase Lead Coach: Mattia Tagliarini

Youth Development Phase Lead Coach: Bruno Zebie

Grassroots: Joshua Malkin

2015B: Eddie Hodzic

2015B: Nahid Alami

2014G: Michael Matemisz

2014B: Nawid Alami

2013B: Jimmy Bustos

2013B: Gabriel Bustos-Chaba

2012B: Robert Mosele

2012B: Michael Matemisz

2012B: Mickie Resalat

2011B: Stewart Meffen

2010B: John Rojas

2007B: Ioan Muresan

2006B: Evan Boissonneault

2005B: Jerome Whittle

Goalkeeper Coach: Tyler Griffith

Technical Coach/Video Analyst: Mahdi Hammoud and Jawad Hammoud

Coaching Opportunities

Juventus is looking for coaches to work with our U8, U9 and U10  teams as well as with some of our older teams.

We are also looking for a Goalkeeper Coach.  


If interested, please contact Rob at 780.462.6186 or Mattia at 780.297.6589

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