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Club Philosophy

Competition/Practice Philosophies

(Players, Coaches, Spectators)

It is expected that all Juventus players, coaches and spectators conduct themselves with class and respect toward fellow and opposition players, coaches, spectators, including referees, league officials, and building attendants during club games, practices and other events.

Whether you are wearing the Juventus jersey or not, on the field, the bench or in the stands, you are representing the club and accordingly should display good sportsmanship and be a good ambassador for the club at all times. Foul and abusive language and physical or verbal retaliation will not be tolerated by the league or the club. Coaches are ultimately responsible and will be suspended by the league for misconduct of the teams players and/or spectators. Fans and players can also be banned from the soccer facilities. Red cards result in hearings and game suspensions, a total waste of time for all involved.

It is important that we are gracious winners and accepting losers. We must avoid over reacting to bad tackles, suspect calls, heckling from the opposition, and criticism from coaches or team-mates. Alternatively, we must learn to say things in a positive way, being constructive and avoiding using comments that may be degrading to fellow team-mates. On a team, everyone has a role to play, and everyone must feel that his or her contributions are valued and appreciated. 

Gymnasiums are difficult to book and are booked for “soccer training” purposes only. Practices should be structured to minimize ball-wall contact (no shooting practices) keeping the ball low in drills and scrimmages, thus reducing the possibility of damage to the facility. In addition, it is asked that all outdoor footwear be removed at the door to make the janitor’s job easier. Do not wander through the school. Any bad reports to Facilities Rentals will make it even more difficult to secure gym times next year.

The club is working on a Juventus Code of Conduct for all players, coaches and parents/spectators. If you have suggestions, please forward your thoughts to Rob Mosele.

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